Docker for .NET Apps

Learn how to run .NET Core and .NET Framework apps in Docker containers.

8 hours of tutorials from Docker Captain and Microsoft MVP, Elton Stoneman.

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Docker from 101 to production

Docker for .NET Apps teaches you everything you need to know about running .NET apps in containers, with a practical real-world approach.

You'll start by learning the core Docker concepts: Dockerfiles, containers, images, registries and how to use containers on Windows and Linux.

Then you'll learn how to package and run .NET Framework and .NET Core apps in Docker, and how to design a distributed application around containers.

Finally you'll learn how to get your containers ready for production, and you'll see what .NET apps look like in a production container platform.

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Your learning journey

Understanding Docker on Windows and Linux

The Docker 101 - running containers on Windows and Linux

Building and Running .NET Apps in Containers

Packaging .NET apps into Docker images from MSIs and source code

Designing a Distributed Architecture

Breaking up monolithic applications with features in multiple containers

Preparing for Production

Adding reliability, monitoring, logging and healthchecks to your .NET containers

Running at Scale in a Container Platform

Containers in production using Docker Swarm to run Linux and Windows .NET apps